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ITALY: Rome Pictures

This slideshow of Rome is my tribute to a fantastic break that I was lucky enough to take earlier this year-2012 . Not only is this truly historic city incredibly beautiful, it is steeped to the very brim with ancient, and historic monuments. In fact, turn around to quickly - and you will probably trip over one!

If you can get yourself even to the outskirts of Rome, so long as you are near a metro station you will have the entire city with in your grasp within a short hop. And believe me, there is so much to see and experience - probably too much. If you are planing to go for a romantic weekend, there won't be nearly enough time to see even half of what this stunning city has to offer!

If you are planning on visiting Rome, take this advise. First, you need to make sure you that you've got a decent map and a guide book. Next you will have a choice. Either prioritise a list of must-see places that you cannot bear to miss or simply walk out the door and discover everything as it happens.

My list of must-see Roman buildings, monuments and ruins

1. The Colosseum
2. The Roman Forum
3. The Trevi Fountain
4. The Sistine Chapel
5. The Pantheon
6. St. Peter’s Basilica
7. Piazza Navona
8. Trajan’s Column
9. The Spanish Steps
10. Via Appia Antica catacombs

Contrary to other European cities that I have been to, the local Roman population are the  most friendly and helpful people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. In fact, on several occasions I was approached by random passers-by deliberately offering their assistance, just because I looked a little lost (unfortunately this is my normal, default look). This has never happened in my home city of London, unless it is an attempt to distract you while you are being street robbed!

One last thing, Gelato (Italian ice cream) is truly the most beautiful food ever created. I advise that you eat it as you see it. I for one am completely in love with it. Obviously, Roman gelato is the best.

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