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You would have surely heard of Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius, Naples and the delights of the Amalfi coast, but where should you stay if you wanted to see everything that this stunning area of southern Italy has to offer?

Naples - historic, but a bit grimy
Well, the city of Naples is an obvious one. A good central position, easy train links, the magnificent Naples National Archaeological Museum, and of course the hallowed ground from where the Pizza was first conceived - God bless the Italians for Pizza!

The issue I have with Naples is that despite the magnificent architecture, and glorious history, it is very urban, and I mean urban as in grimy, busy, polluted and over populated.

So as a 'holiday' destination I would only place it in a box marked 'Day Trip'. So if not Naples, then where?

The obvious choice would be Sorrento, situated on the southern end of the glorious bay of Napels, with the added treat of having the magnificent Mt Vesuvius in full view.

Renown for its ancient and beautiful walled city, lemon production and that 'piece de resistance -  Limoncello, I doubt that you could find a more picturesque town that is so perfectly sanitised for well heeled tourists.

The streets of Sorrento - see, much nicer!
It may not be as close to the main tourist attractions as Naples, but it does have the terminus train station for the circumvesuviana line which can take to direct to Naples, and the ancient Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculanium.

While you can get on any train at Sorrento station to reach these destinations, the same can't be said for getting back. So make sure you check at the ticket desk or platform signs before making your return journey.

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